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All Things Azeroth

The Instance


Realm Maintenance

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Epic podcast

Battle pets

Game diplomat



Ladyhavah on Twitch

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Socalwowgal (WoW life coach)

WTBgold (his YouTube)




3 thoughts on “Contacts & Links

  1. Just found your podcast thanks to Realm-Maintenance. Listening to some previous episodes. Just an FYI, the big consoles aren’t able to demand the kind of exclusivity that they used to. One of you made a comment that in a late February episode while discussing the Diablo 3 to PS3 and PS4 announcement, “you can’t play modern warfare on anything but an XBOX.” That isn’t anywhere near the truth. The Modern Warfare Series is playable on the Wii, XBox 360, PS3, and the new Wii U. Large game manufacturers (Activision/Blizzard being one of the biggest) now tend to brush off the console manufacturers’ demands for exclusivity because the public wants those games and will buy a different console to get them. Meaning the consoles don’t have the leverage that they used to. Besides that, enjoying the show. Thanks for putting it together. Are y’all on Twitter?

    • Be careful with the first few episodes because of BETA testing (and getting after Beef for eating during the podcast). We are on facebook and on twitter @yourwowmoney. Your right on the console stuff for sure.

  2. Joe and Shinn, I just wanted to thank you guys for your podcast. Yours was one of the ones I really really enjoyed. Not just the content (very helpful!) but maybe even more the way you talk and interact with eachother and your kind of humor. So, many thanks for all your work and hopefully not only Shinn, but Joe also goes on podcasting. I will subscribe!

    Lumen from Moonglade, EU (living in the Netherlands)

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