Show 190: Short Auction Ban


It is just Joe this week and he talks about Old School mats, TradeSkillMaster Celebrates it’s 5th Anniversary, and Mythic Nighthold, Legion Invasions, Upcoming Rogue Hotfixes, Blue Posts, Ban Wave.

That and Lúcio coming to Heroes of the Storm

Enjoy the short show

Show 189: Of Raiding and Fishing


Hey guys. This week Joe and Shinn talk about: Inscription revisited: Pre-Legion Glyphs, What Joe is doing while leveling, and Legion: Making gold from Fishing in Broken Shores. That is all for gold making this week.

We also talk about: Pax south, A little bit about 7.2, and the current Mythic race.


Show #188: Let’s Make Gold Making Great Again


In this show Joe and Shinn about the last half of the 7.1.5 Q&A. Sorry no Patreon for this week but it will be on for next week.

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Show 182: Holiday Greed


Joe was alone for awhile today but then Deadgreed show up for the show and spread some holiday cheer. (Okay maybe not, but it still was fun.)

We talked about Ribbons, Crafting, What deadgreed said about professions, and Joe had to get something off his chest.

Joe talked about Gul’dan Testing on PTR, Blizzard Publishing Label, 7.1.5 Blue Posts & World of Warcraft Nostalrius server returns on December 17.

Enjoy all.


Show 181: Blizzard Wins


Hi all. This week is CONTEST WEEK!!! The winner shall be found in side the show. And we will talk about their thoughts on making gold in this expansion.

We also talk about Overwatch wins Game of the Year at The Game AwardsWhat will you play in the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan?, and Mischief Make-A-Wish pet and plush now available. (in game pet) (plushy)