Show #59 Anvilmine


Hey people. It was about time that Anvilmar and Undermine got connected. Kero and Lady Havah talk about that and what to do for the stuff in your bags (mats).

We also talk about the stream awards, 5.4.7,, and Infographics. We also answer an e-mail that we got. lots of good stuff inside so go and check it out.

One thought on “Show #59 Anvilmine

  1. Thank you for answering my questions about the bank alts. I had just switched servers to a more populated server and I’m making more gold on my JC and my BS. I haven’t tried my Enchanting, Leatherworking. Alchemy (as I mostly use my alchemists for Transmutations…I have 3 of them.), or my Inscriptionist. I’ve also been flipping greens, but getting my gold on is my goal. 😀 Your information is very helpful, so thank you both so much. Hope to see ya in game. 🙂

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