Show #45 All Right Man it’s Guild Banking


Hey all we are back with a new episode of where we talk about the gem and fishing markets, professions in the next x-pac, and what to (and not to) do on buying/selling a guild bank. We also talk about more Blizzcon stuff and the pets coming to the recruit a friend system. also here is the list of the next batch of connected realms:

Batch 1

  • Blackwing Lair and Detheroc/Dethecus

  • Anub’arak and Chromaggus/Garithos

  • Drak’Tharon and Firetree/Rivendare

  • Blood Furnace and Mannaroth

  • Nesingwary and Vek’nilash

Once determined, dates and times for the next batch will be provided in the General Forum and in-game breaking news.

Batch 2

  • Haomarush and Detheroc/Dethecus/Blackwing Lair

  • Stonemaul and Bloodscalp/Maiev/Boulderfist/Dunemaul

  • Tortheldrin and Frostmane

  • Winterhoof and Kilrogg

  • Gul’dan and Skullcrusher

  • Lightning’s Blade and Burning Blade

We hope you enjoy the podcast.


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