Show #25 Achievement Rage!


Well looky here: A DING! The show is level 25 now and we recorded it after our talk with RhoWow from the Realm-Maintenance Podcast. You will be able to hear it next Tuesday while the servers are down. Havah has 536 rare pets. How many do you have? Any way we talk about what happened Saturday the 1st when the Auction House went down, 2 Californians, and what Blizz could bring to comic con San Diego. Also Havah talks about her new Beasts of Fable Team and Kero talks about how much Gear (both PvE and PvP) you could make gold with (and mats too including Sha Crystals). Oh by the way, THERE IS A CONTEST FOR A BLOODWING MOUNT. All you have to do is listen for the details.

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