Show#22 Pets, Stars, and the BMAH


Well we are together again and this time it is a threesome. Havah is now the 3rd host on the podcast. So now we will talk about Pets more often in this episode along with who else plays the game (click here for the list). Tank time with Beefinatorr is now done and so is TSM but we do talk about the Black Market Auction House and how to check it when you are out of the game. Plus it is Havah’s top 10 pets/abilities!! That is a can’t miss right there. And we rate TSM. Who does not like it and who does. You will find out when you click play.

One thought on “Show#22 Pets, Stars, and the BMAH

  1. The Macros are here:
    /castsequence reset=target Deathgrip, OutBreak, Pestilience
    the other one
    /castsequence reset=reset Bone sheild, Rune Tap, Vapiric blood, Horn of winter, Anti magic shell

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