Show 193: Yup It’s Greed!!!


Hi everybody. Someone had some time off in real life so he could join us. It is Deadgreed!!! This week he joins Joe and Shinn to talk about: Yet another gold flipping guide series (YouTube link), Seed Raiding what to do by deadgreed. (discord), and Simple Gold Tips 2: Goblin Glider Kits.

We also talk about Legion Q&A with Ion Hazzikostas liveblog

To answer your question. It is my PC but you can hear everyone OK.

Show 192: Epsorts Blizzard Panther


Hi everybody!! It must be E-sports season. But for us it is always gold making season. So here is what we talk about: Blizzard WoW API, Transmogs in northrend, Making gold with Jewelcrafting Panthers: Expensive mounts are amazing, and Have Legendaries lost their shininess?

We also talk about Q&A Session on 2/23/2017 and Heroes of the Dorm begins, Katowice approaches

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Show 191: Token Titles


Hi guys. It will be Joe and Shinn this week talking about TSM 3.0 – Enchanting Mats Import ListDo WoW Tokens change how you play? and shinn talking about his blog at And look at

We also talk about Facebook friend integration and blizzard Q4 report.