Show 177: Behind the Woodshed


Hi all. Today Joe and Shinn talks about Falcosaur and Joe gives an update on the Ghost Iron (and other things) he found on the AH.

Here are our predictions for blizzcon:

          • Predictions on announcements
            • Diablo 4 shinn. Diablo 3.4 joe
            • Warcraft 2: the fall of arthas (joe)
            • Warcraft Illidan? (shinn) 7.3 (joe)
            • Heroes (warcraft maps (diablo chars))
            • Overwatch Maps (shinn) Characters (joe)
            • Hearthstone Dark temple adventure pack
            • Starcraft gets more story for heart of the swarm
          • Predictions on E-sports
            • Overwatch Spain Finland (Shinn) USA Sweden (joe)
            • SC2 ShoWTimE Dark (both)
            • Heroes MVP Black (both) Fanantic (joe) denial e-sports (shinn 
            • Hearth OmegaZero, cydonia (shinn) pavel, amnesiac (joe)
            • Warcraft NG blue panda global (shinn) ng blue method na (joe)

And then there is Weird Al. You get our thoughts there.

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Show 176: What To Do, What To Do


Hi all! Today Joe and Shinn talks about gathering (including herbs (including Grayz Herb Farm – Starlight Rose Rank 3)) and Ghost iron (link).

We also talk about: Warcraft Cards and Patch 7.1 – Midnight Mount, SC2 BlizzCon Goodies, Blue Posts, Pumpkin Carving Contest

For Shinn: Twitter @the00shinn, Twitch-The00shin and I have a gold making blog at

For Joe:, @joebrums,


Show 175: PSA Herbalism


Hey guys. we were using discord to do the podcast with Shinn and Joe. Today we talk about what Joe found with herbalism so far, Starlight Rose Farming with a Level 101, and Don’t bother farming WOD raids/dungeons for gold. But then there is Blizzcon and 7.1 coming and What will happen with Tom Chilton & Diablo. Enjoy.



Show 174: I’m Just Saying (Wink Wink)


Just 1 month before Blizzcon peeps. Are you ready? Joe and Shinn talk about this and a few more things like: RIP The Legion Shuffle, Gold farming Corrupted Ashbringer, What you Blacksmiths need to get Item Level 815 Recipes, and A World Drop.

We also talk about Celebrate Blizzard’s 25th anniversary at BlizzCon and Halloween Overwatch event likely coming soon

Show 173: Val’sharah Twiched


Oh no Joe is in Val’sharah doing world quests, and Shinn went fishing. While doing that they talk about getting ready for raids and leystone ore in the classroom. They also talk a little about twitch-con, Brewfest, and Ahh yes, what could come. Have fun listening.