Show 162: No Haters


Hi guys. It is Joe, Deadgreed & special quest Phat Lewts on the show this week.

Here we talk about what Phat Lewts has been up too along with what will be going on with Legion. we also talk about a message from Cuddles & Lovely Charm Farming Draenor for Love is in the Air Event 2016.

We also talk about: Water Striders, Paragon Raid team, Watch Heroes Esports and Earn Two New Portraits, Heroes of the Storm, and Overwatch.



Show 160: Deadgreed vs. Overwatch


In this weeks show, Joe, Deadgreed and Lady Havah talk about World of Warcraft Legion Alchemy and Jewelcrafting and Shinn’s New account (NA) and how to make I made the gold to pay for WoW Token. 

We also say Happy birthday to Blizzard, talk about Blizzards 2015 Q4, and Overwatch.

So have a happy Valentines Day (USA)


Show 159: Havah Nice Day Jim


Hi all. In this episode Joe and Deadgreed talk to Jim Younkin from We did this to see what he has been up to, get his thoughts on Warlords and Legion, Transmogs and more. Havah joins in to talk about transferring gold from one faction to another.

We also talk about Diablo, Hearthstone and Overwatch.