Show #146: Greedy Blizzcon (Prizes Reveled)


It is just Joe and Deadgreed this week to get you ready for Blizzcon 2015. But for gold we talk about the gold queens audio, Farming Felwood, a Straw poll, and Prizes were reveled for show 150.

We also talk about Overwatch, Blizzcon charity, and Blizzcon 2015 E-sports.

Have fun listening


Show #144: Blizzcon Crossed


If you want to beat Cancer then go to the donate page.

All four of us are in the podcast to talk about Pets, Thegoldqueen.comRevealing the Myths of World of Warcraft Paid For Gold Guides, and Cross Realm Farming Part 4 – Camping Limited Supply Items.

We also talk about Blizzcon, swag, Overwathc and 6.2.3.

Show #143: DeadGreed’s Greedy


Hey guys. This week Havah is not with us but Deadgreed and Reckles is with Joe. Show 150 is looming so we need help with getting prizes for it. Please tweet to us using #YWMTCG.

This week we talk about Finding old items in guild banks for sale, using TSM3 & Tiny Goldfish Quick Flip from the Gold Queen.

We also talk about Blizzcon and other stuff in the podcast. Have fun listening.Folder

Show #142: Transferring to Home


It is just Deadgreed and Joe in the show this week as we talk about: Transferring gold cross realmMists of Pandaria Treasure Finding, and Is it me or has gold making changed. Good gold making stuff here.

We also talked about WoW books, services, and Hearthstones new card back.