Show #136: Munching the Gold Away


Well I guess Reckles like eating during the show. Grr!! But anyway, to business. In the Classroom we have 2 E-mails about starting to make gold and where should the bank alt be. we also talk about 2 Wolf of Warcraft Posts for gold making.

We also talk about 6.2.2, Blizzcon Tickets, a DDoS attack and more so just listen in on the podcast. And while your listening check out to make alpha geek radio shows do what YOU want them too.

Show #135: ReLegion It


Yay! Both Lady Havah and Deadgreed joins Joe to talk about the Legion expansion. Havah does bow out early so taht does leave Joe and Greed talk about Legion in both news and Classroom (the weapons are in the classroom). Do you think it will be a good expansion? Please let us know. I do hope to see you guys next week. But until then, have fun listening to the show.

Show #133: The Tokens are Leaking


In this episode of the yourwowmoney podcast, Havah joins in as we talk about 3 of the Gold Queens posts (More Farming in Tanaan JungleOgrecoming Adversity; and Blood, Gold and Regret) and WoW tokens.

We also talk about: Gamescom, Method, Future of WoW PvP, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, and the Alpha Geek Radio upgrade.