Show 112: Phase 2


YAY we are on! This is HUGE for us! We also talk allot about the changes we are making about the live show. But enough of that. In here we talk about Motes of Harmony, Cooking, Garrison Dailies, and new pets.

We also talk about Ask Mr. Robot, Method, 6.1 and Phase 2 for us.

Show #110 Patience


“Just a little patients. Yeah, yeah.” Sometimes in gold making that little piece of lyric from the Guns and Roses song “Patients” rings true. But it is not a problem because here we talk about the love bird hatchling and TSM sell prices.

We also talk about 6.1 twitter functionality, darkmoon fair and garrosh heirlooms; and the lost vikings in HotS and Argi red cross.

Show #109: Watching the Markets


Well it just looks like Kero and Havah on the podcast this week due to Reckles family issues but we do talk a a lot about gold making this week. Such as Graves the pet from Heroes, Professions (as they stand now), a Warlords Ore Shuffle, and Flipping/ Undercutting in the AH.

We also talk about Blackrock Foundry, The Earnings Call, and Blizzard Watch. Please enjoy.