Show #108: Going Inside 6.1


We are sorry to hear that Wow Insider is going away this week. We tip our caps off to you guys because you had a GREAT run!! You can follow them on twitter here. But as far as gold making goes, we talk about: Garrison changes coming in 6.1 (Havah makes a point about Salvage Yards), Profession changes (Savage Bloods) and New Pet Stuff for garrisons and Love is in the Air.

We also talk about: Wow Insider, New Mounts, and what is coming in the next couple of weeks.

Show #107: The 6.1 Breakdown of Epic Fun


How is it going everybody? We had a lot of 6.1 stuff to talk about in this episode so here is the gold side of the show: 6.1 Pets and Professions with the affect of Savage Bloods, TSM vs. Tycoon, Ghost Iron, and Transmogs.

We also talk about some 6.1 stuff comming, 100 100’s, and the 10 year statue.



Show #106: 6.1 Words Are Hard


B7k-El7CYAAN_04.jpg largeWORDS ARE HARD DAMMIT!! (lol) But anyway we record on Saturdays on at about 2:30 pm est. What we have recorded is 6.1 stuff and what we would like to see about blackrock raid entry craft-able gear. There was gold discussions all throughout the podcast. Havah also talked about pets in the classroom.

We also talk about Heroes Closed Beta Blackrock Foundry Raid Schedule, and 6.1

Please enjoy what is inside.

Show #105: Garrison QQ’ing


Hey guys. Sorry about the buzzing in Havah’s audio. Some things are out of our control. But anyway, here are the things we talk about in the podcast: People QQing on Professions, selling 665 gear, and Doing Work Orders.

We also talk about the 10th anniversary extension and a new garrison npc in 6.1

Have fun listening to the podcast.