Show #103: Duped the Fish Rant


Well here is the show to keep you busy with gold making for this upcoming New Year. Here we talk about: Fishing, Savage Bloods being duped(?), and another Garrison Rant. The Garrisons is why (I think) people will start unsubbing from the game. We shall see if that is true.

We also talk about: Blizzcon Photos, Blizzard Sale, and Liquid Sky. Enjoy the show!

Knights of Azeroth

Show #102: … And The Pets Too


Hi guys. It is just Lady Havah and Kero this week with a little bit of Reckles (it is that time of year). In this episode we talk about the gathering profession changes in WoW, The ore nerf affects, and a lot of troublesome pets. Pictures are courtesy:

We also talk about Hearthstone on android and the next year in WoW.



Show #101: Good Gold, Bad Gold


It is just Kero and Reckles this week because Havah is sick but we still talk about a lot of stuff like: Salvage yard changes (the AH affects), JC and Alchemy Changes (the affect on mats), and 2 E-mails (the Trade Window and a question about Alchemy)

We also talk about: Jinx Sale and Shirts, The Ups and Downs of no Flying, Alliance Chopper now in game and more. Enjoy all of these discussions.

By the way go check out this forum while you listen. It is created by Jim Younkin.

Show #100: And The Winners Are…


Welcome all to listen too show 100. Here we talk about the profession changes, Trinkets, and the entries that were sent in. We also talk about Highmall and the new cards coming in the next expansion for Hearthstone. Thanks for listening and GRATS to the winners. They are announced inside.