Show #99: Profession Puns


Well, Well, Well. Here we are just 1 show away from 100 and I am QQing about professions. What do you think about them? We give our thoughts about the adjustments to them and a lot of pet stuff going on as well (good pet stuff). We also talk about Jim Youkin’s blog about gathering professions.

We also talk about: Blood Elves (Picture Below), WoW sale, Garrisons, and the Highmall raid gear. Baby Got Back!

Show 98: Mat This


Hey guys. The contest is announced and so is the live show if you want to hear it at the record time. In this episode we talk about mats: what class to use to get them, the effect on crafting, and getting primal spirits. Also world drops (list below) and garrison buildings. (show 92)

We also talk about GUNNAR Opticks, 10 Million, 5 days, and Molten Core.

Listen to enter contest.

Here is the list:


show 93: Overcond


We are back with blizzcon talk please scroll down for the inscription list.










        • To get from 1-600, here is what you need.
  • ink                                                                                     amount you need
Moonglow 75
Midnight 27
Lion’s 48
Jadefire 51
Celestial 51
Shimmering 39
Ethereal 60
Ink of Sea 75
Blackfallow 75
Dreams 99