Post Show News!

It is with great excitement that we announce the return of the undermine journal! Kero found the note below after the creation of this week’s show and we want to make sure that you had the news!

Welcome back TUJ!! I missed you.



September 3, 2014

We’ve recently had to move our operation to a new facility, and our old equipment and data could not come with us. So, what’s old is new again, and we’re back in beta testing as things get back up to speed.

95% of the TUJ code is newly written, and the underlying system is a fresh install. This means that many of the features we once shared are no longer available, but we tried to get the most important stuff back up and running. Items, sellers, and battle pets pages can all be found behind the Search box in the top right corner.

Our data collection is fresh as well, and we no longer have the old history data. This isn’t as big a problem as you’d guess, since realms are getting connected all the time, and the Alliance and Horde auction houses will be joined with WoW 6.0 later this season anyway. When that happens, we’ll wipe the data once again, since it’ll be a whole new market.

Category pages are not yet available, but we plan on getting those back up and running over the next few weeks. There are no plans to rebuild market notifications, the market API, or the addon. EU realms are also unavailable, though we plan on supporting all EU realms when the Warlords of Draenor pre-patch is released.

Since we are beta testing, we welcome your feedback in our official forum. Expect things to change and grow over the coming weeks.

Thank you for your patience and support while we were away. We hope you like our new look, and we’re happy to continue serving your auction house data needs.

Show 88: Easy Bake Robot


Hey guys It is just Kero and Reckels this week but Havah will tell you why. In this episode we talk about Robots, new JC profession, and Trading Post in the garrison.

We also talk about Hellscream, QA session with Cory Stockton and Dave Kosak,  Hearthstone, The Virtual Ticket, and more. We shall see you inside.