Show 86: Petaholic


We are back this week with the tribute news. I (Kero) was on vacation when I found out the 2 major things that happened when I was gone. But first things first. We talk about over 30 new pets for warlords, Prospecting old ore, and Power Word Gold’s macro.

We also talk about Voting on your favorites, Warlords (stuff), and Robin Williams.

Show#85: A Podcast Full of Doodads


Hi guys. We will take a week off because Kero is going on vacation. It is much needed time off. But in this podcast we talk about pets (mainly Lady Havah), Garrison set up, and the Undermine Journal.

We also talk about Hackers, 10 years of Warcraft, and the Release Date for WoD (among other stuff).

Show #84: Auction House on Fire


My internet was being buggy, so i apologize for the audio. Some things just cannot be helped. Hopefully I will get better internet soon. Anyway here is what we talk about: Raiding old raids, Enchant Transmogs, and a full review of the Going Prices addon.

We also talk about:Artcraft, Movie at SDCC, Hearthstone, and Blizzard power outage.

By the way there is some clarification on the Raffle as well.

Thanks for listening.