Show #82: The Wowuction Pet Glyph


Well news is short this week but there is a lot of classroom this week. So here is what we talk about Glyphs, Living Steel CD’s,, and A LOT of Pets.

We also talk about 6.1 Flying, the new Core Hound mount, and an undermine journal update. Have fun inside, just watch your step.corehound

Show #81: A Sad Profession (Maybe Not)


Hey people Reckles is back with us and he will stay with us for a while (YAY). The 3 of us have a lot to talk about. Namely new professions and what to do with a 90 that you want to leave a realm with (gold wise).

We also talk about The Undermine Journal, Garrison achievements, Valor Points, and Hearthstones Naxxramas. See you inside.

Show#80: WTB Auction House


Reckels joins us for this episode of the podcast. You can find him @ryanaeckles on twitter, read his blog, follow him on YouTube or E-mail him at

In this episode we talk about auction house faction combinations, transmog markets, and new pet’s (including the corgi).

We also talk about: Fury Warriors, Garrisons, Plushies, the art book, and Rob Pardo leaving Blizzard.

It is a long one guys. So enjoy. (3 people on a podcast rock)