Show #79 Beta Get Your Gold On


Yay! Havah is back and tired as heck. (That is what 50hr weeks do to you.) And I have ALL WEEK OFF!!! So I get to work around the house (and maybe on the site as well). As far as what is inside, well here it is: Beta gameplay, Bags, Darkmoon cards, and more warlords pets.

We also talk about: BETA, Storage changes, new artcraft humans, and warcraft going to app. Stuff to enjoy so go and listen. We shall see you inside.

Show 78: Fluffy Ally’s


Damn I am all alone on the podcast this week but i talk about a lot of stuff. Like pet battle changes, a new pet for tailors, bikes and mat nodes. I also talk about Gamescom, stat changes (blizz) (mmo), costume contest, and the toy box (wowhead) among other stuff. I will see you inside.

Show #77: Alpha Shifting


Hey guys. Sorry about the static. I think i know where it is and I will try to work on that. Anyway with having a day off I can do stuff. Kind of like what we talk about in today’s podcast. Getting chest keys still, Golden lotus, how many nods are in alpha, and more alpha stuff. We also talk about hearthstone, blizzard, and alpha stuff. Classroom was scattered throughout the podcast so listen carefully.

At the beginning of the podcast we are sad to say that Chris “River” Cavelle had passed away at the age of 41 due to complications to surgery. May the light embrace you and the Lua watch over you.

Show #76 Woot! Alpha!


WE GOT ALPHA!! Ok enough rubbing it in but hey, can you blame us? Alpha is running but only to 92 on horde side. Yeah we talk about that in both news and classroom but we also answer an E-mail that asks: can players take control of the economy? What do you think? E-mail us and let us know. We shall see you inside.