Show #75 Planning The Garrisons


And the winner is… well… you will just have to listen to the podcast. Both Havah and Kero will talk about what the contestants said and the professions matched up with garrisons. We also talk about the garrison blog, Diablo, and the Choppers went online to vote on.

BIG GRATS to the winner. Listen to see who won.

Show #74 What Variables?


Hey all, Havah is back and there is a lot to talk about this week. But There is a contest for show 75 for a $75 jinx gift code (details are inside the podcast).

Anyway we talk about the professions in WoD (in detail) and 5.4.8 gold making. We also talk about Bikes, Movies, Gear from the bikes and from Blizz, Crash course video, and 5.4.8, and much more. See you inside.

Show #73: Damn the 8.1 Garrisons


First off I made a mistake that the transmog gear that I said was in the in game store IS NOT. You should go to the blizzard store to go check it out. I do apologize for that. but i do talk about garrisons and lowbie mats (again). Also new art and mount and Diablo. Plus what I did to my PC.

Show #72: Leveling Glyph Garrisons


It is a short show this week because Blizzard is working on there games but not putting a lot of news out. But we are still here to help out with your gold making prowess. In this episode we talk about: Garrison followers, Lowbie mats, When to sell. and the up coming Glyph market. I almost forgot Garrison followers.

We also talk about: Blizzcon ticket sales, Garrosh heirlooms, The Spires of Arak, and the 1st quarter financial results.  This is a good size podcast for a car ride. So enjoy on what is inside.