Show #70: Is Beta Coming?


Hey everybody. This is going to be an 1hr+ long podcast. Yes it is long because a lot of news has come out. So here is what we talk about: More gear and garrisons. Yeah we are news heavy and putting BIG love on the gear crafting professions.

We also talk about: BLIZZCON (tickets) and the WoW Source Video in some detail. Special thanks to Blizzard for letting use the audio.

Thanks for listening.

Show #69: Golden Garrisons


Hey guys. There was a lot of talking today. But before we get to the talk here is the Macro:

/script PickupInventoryItem(20) PickupInventoryItem(71)

/script PickupInventoryItem(21) PickupInventoryItem(70)

/script PickupInventoryItem(22) PickupInventoryItem(69)

/script PickupInventoryItem(23) PickupInventoryItem(68)

Here is the second:

/script PickupInventoryItem(20) PickupInventoryItem(71)

/script PickupInventoryItem(21) PickupInventoryItem(72)

/script PickupInventoryItem(22) PickupInventoryItem(73)

/script PickupInventoryItem(23) PickupInventoryItem(74)

Now to what we talk about gold style: potential profession changes, when to post mist mats, and garrisons.

We also talk about: Overwatch, NPC changes, new dungeons, pax east, male tauren and female draenei, pax east giveaway, and Hearthstone. I hope you enjoy this over 1hr podcast. Have fun listening.

Sorry Everyone


Sorry guys. We are a bit busy with real life this weekend. So there will be no podcast. This will happen again within a few months due to Kero moving but with that changes will come. As to what i cannot say at this time. But we will be back next week with a new episode of the your wow money podcast.

Show #68: April Fooled


OK OK I am not a lore person, I get that. Anyway Havah is feeling better (an e-mail helped out). That is good and what we talk about is good and funny in parts. Such as: (in warlords) Glyphs and alchemy, prices for stuff in MoP, and bags that could sell.  We also talk about April fools jokes, the 6.0 patch notes (as a whole) and the new launcher. Have fun inside.