Show #67 Diablo’d


Hello everyone. It is time to talk Diablo. We talk about the affect that Diablo might have done to the Auction House. Now we don’t hate the game, in fact Havah is a big fan. but there is an affect that Diablo has on Warcraft. We also talk about: Engineering (and other crafting professions), What is going on in the Auction House, and the Undermine Journal Addon. We also talk about Wowhead class guides, Mythic raiding coming soon, Skins for Heroes of the Storm, and yes… Diablo. So go ahead and listen to the podcast. More stuff comes next week.

Show #66 You Can Get Your Kicks With Flying Transmogs


Hey everybody, looks like Havah is feeling better and it is spring time. That means that the snowy owl is now gone until next winter. (if you have extra then watch the auction house to see when to put them in.) Anyway, in this episode we talk about: profession changes coming in WoD, Veteran vs. 1-90 boost, Transmogs, and realm transfers.

We also talk about: Angry birds, Flying, Hearthstone competition, Cross realm raids, Blizzard in pax east, and Heroes of the Storm. Have fun inside the podcast.

Show #65 Vendor Scammed


Hey everybody! The podcast is now getting senior citizen discounts (lol). That should make Havah happy because she is not feeling well but she is a real trooper (not a Storm Trooper). Anyway, in this episode we talk about selling vendor items in the AH, Kero’s idea on twitter, stuff to sell when in a slow period, and a scam that happens to people everywhere in WoW.

We also talk about stuff that happened on the 10th of this month. That says a lot. So we will see you inside.

Show #64 Healing the spreadsheets.


Hey guys Havah is back and she got some good stuff from her trip. It was one long week for me (fixing mistakes). Yeah it is like that but we do talk a lot about stuff that happened this week. First off we talk about Cata gear and other leveling gear, pets and mount prices, and what to do with MoP mats. We also talk about hearthstone, WoD story, and changes coming to races and healers. For more on healing go check Have fun listening to the 1hr podcast.

Show #63: Where in the World is Lady Havah


So it is just me (Kero) this week. Havah is on a road trip. So as far of what I talk about this week it is: glyphs, how to treat people, some of the things in a challenge, and TSM for noobs. I also talk about: New toys, new book, changes that are coming with WoD, and more. I shall see you inside this 35 min. podcast.