Show #62: Mooning 5.4.7


Hey all. I am still saying that winter should end soon. But we can help keep you warm (so long as you are indoors) while listening to the podcast. We talk about an addon for guilds that people could use to sell stuff, Darkmoon fair, and 415 flipping.

We also talk about the new female dwarf model, boost to 90, and a 5.4.7 glitch. It is a short podcast this week but that is the way it goes sometimes. So sit back, relax, and enjoy.

Show# 61 51 Hours of love


Sometimes your days are good, sometimes they are bad. Today was bad for me (Kero) and the week was long. We talk about that inside the podcast as well as a mining pick, lv 25 guilds, making gold via Love is in the Air week, and the demand of some items now (and in WoD). We also talk about: Challenge Modes, Hearthstone, and the look of Garrisons.

Show #60: Book Done


Hey guys. I hope we will keep you all warm with what we talk about this week. Yes it is cold outside, AGAIN!!! (Bah winter). For gold we finish the book, for the part for the WoW app we reference show #5 just skip the news section in that show. We also rate the book as well. We also talk about when the new PvP season comes, Hearthstone, and the Q4 report. Enjoy.

Show #59 Anvilmine


Hey people. It was about time that Anvilmar and Undermine got connected. Kero and Lady Havah talk about that and what to do for the stuff in your bags (mats).

We also talk about the stream awards, 5.4.7,, and Infographics. We also answer an e-mail that we got. lots of good stuff inside so go and check it out.