Show#58 Hairy Routines


Hey guys (and girls). Once again I get to say “Baby it’s cold outside”. But that’s OK. No Cirol this week and Havah gets aggravated at a hearthstone player (and I agree with her). But anyway we discuss our daily routines about gold making in WoW and an Email that we recieved.

We also talk about 5.4.7, new mount and pet, arcades,  and new female human design.

Go and listen. You should enjoy this show. Now: “GO GET YOUR GOLD ON” (you know why)

Show #57 It’s Just What Happens


Man what a podcast. Today we talk about the best of TSM, Gold Sinks, and more from the book. We also talk about the New expansion, Warcraft Movie, Ghostcrawler and more.

I had a lot of editing to do to the podcast. the lag boss hit us hard and took out Cirol and Havah left early due to her schedule. That is why the title is “It’s Just What Happens”. So I hope that you all enjoy the podcast

Show #56 Kero’s Bad Week


Hey guy’s! It’s just me (kero) and lady havah this week. Cirol is taking care of family stuff (aka “Getting His Gold on”) with the kids and the wife, and that is a good thing.

This week we hit professions via the book, and we ponder about the future of gold making on WoD.

We also talk about: A fundraiser, Flex raids in WoD, Toy box UI, Blizzard calling you, and PvP stuff.

Yeah, Yeah. I know. Not much gold talk. But there is some scattered about in the podcast. So Enjoy!! (I think you will)

Show 55: Just Gem It


Hi all. The 3 Musketeers are back and are talking about weather (lol). Actually we talk about refer a friend pets, farming skyshards (the gold you can make), and what makes sense in auction hose gold making. Plus we talk about gems and a new virus 9how to take it out). It’s a short one this week. But we knew that was coming. So enjoy the show.