Show #54: Christmas Loot


So how was your Christmas? We tell you how our Christmas was inside. we also talk about Golden Lotus, raid and pvp loot, and the Gold Dragon Killer Points raid system. We also talk about Ron Nakada’s cancer fight, Hearthstone, a paper treasure goblin, and more. So if your done with your gift giving, then sit back, relax, and listen to Kero and Havah in the podcast.

Show#53: Why We Do What We Do


Hey everyone it is winter veil time and i hope everything is going well for all of you. We get to chapter 2 of the book world of warcraft: gold strategy guide. We talk about the stuff that people do that are illegal. We also talk about professions in 2 ways (how the book ranked them and how best to level your professions). Did i mention that it’s winter veil? Havah talks about the pets for this time of year. we also talk about the warcraft film, hearthstone and diablo betas. and the tip that can keep you from being locked out of the game this holiday season. We hope you enjoy the podcast and the holiday.

Show#52 Bankers Anonymous


We are back with Kero, Havah and Cirol. In this episode we talk about what to do with bank toons. Should they be public or anonymous? What professions could you do. And where could the bank toons be stationed. We also talk about the NSA,, 5.4.2 and Anvilmar to be connected on Jan.3. Hearthstone had some changes too that we talk about. Plus the stitcher awards nominations are beginning so please vote for us often.

Show #51: Meet the Crafting Toons


Hey people, we are here to talk about snow. JUST KIDDING!!! But snow is on the ground here. But anyway we try to keep you warm with talking about crafting when you have full bags, what could sell in the next x-pack, a little flipping, and the book i just got. Plus we talk about the Warcraft movie, group finder, and 5.4.2. so get your hot chocolate (or whatever keeps you warm) and give the show a listen.

By the way an addition will be coming to the website. We tell you what is coming inside.

Show 50: Live!


My throat is about gone now but we had fun doing a live show. We did not talk about much because we were doing hearthstone with some smack talk. But we did talk about the JC mounts and what people could do with the old (and new) outlands. We also said goodbye to ghostcrawler and said yay to the wow gold survey results.

If you want to hear almost all the winners and the hearthstone brawl take a listen. (I did win 1)