Show #49: Crafted By Cirol


Next week we are live! And we are so excited to do that. But we are also excited to say that Cirol is with us this week! He gives us his ways on making gold in WoW. In this episode. The 3 of us talk about the Alterac brew-pup, to trade or sell, and selling via TSM. We also look a bit into the future with the changes with gear. We also talk about the new Blizz store, area 52 to be combined, and the stuff blizz made for Make-a-Wish.

Show #48 Come On Now People!!


Contest Announced!! Details Inside!!

Man there were some brain farts today but it happens. But anyway, we talk about: a spirit pet, spirit of war, the best places to find mats, the new level cap (what to do), people NOW talking about connected realms,and a new subreddit. We also have our thoughts about no flying, new recruit a friend, the warlords dungeons and raids, connected realms, Christie Golden book(?). The blizzcon store is up upon posting but it closes on the 17th. Now: GO GET YOUR GOLD ON!!!

Show #47 We Have Been Blizzconed


It’s Blizzcon time people and our thoughts on the classroom go into the future aka the next expansion. Namely Garrisons. But we also talk about all the bag space you will get, The new farm, and the access to other professions. We also talk about the Q3 earnings call, Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone updates, and (of course) the next expansion: The Warlords of Draenor. Havah went nuts on all the news and I mean ALL the news. Go and listen to it inside and have fun.

Show #46 Good Bye to a Friend


Hello once again. This time we say Beef is gone, the details are on the podcast. Now as for the podcast: it’s darkmoon fair time and also the day of the dead. The macabre marionette is up to get now. We will tell you how. Also we talk about Enchanting and th pvp belts and boots. and diversifying you professions on various toons. Plus the golden crusade survey¬† is up (it only comes out once a year). In the news we talk about the Blackthorne game, a problem that occurred in a connected realm, item levels scaled down to help friends, and Blizzcon, Blizzcon, Blizzcon.

Beefinator, Thanks for all