Show#41 Flippy


Well it looks like the brewfest is still going on but Kero and Havah talk about flipping prices vs. farming mats. We also talk about the high prices of the engineering pets. Plus with MoP hitting its “birthday” steel series is having a sale and there is also a sale on Trivial Pursuit. This podcast is 50min. long so take a listen and enjoy the game.

Show#40 Late Night Gold Making


It’s just me and Lady Havah this week due to Beef’s mom’s wishes being carried out. But anyway we talk about Timeless Isle repair bills (aka gold drops) what the spirits of war are selling for and what could the crafted 553 gear could sell for. Also she has a YouTube channel to see her pet battles. Not to mention blizz hires and what you buy in real life (i.e. SteelSeries). So its money in real life to spend or gold to make in game (soon not for Diablo). Either way is good to me. Do you agree?

Show#39 Envy Professions and Pets


We are back wit a lot of stuff to talk about. I soooooo envy Lady Havah with getting gear in the Siege of Orgrimmar raid. But anyway we talk about blizz virtual tickets, Jinx clothing, and blizz expansion sale, trivial pursuit, and cancer fighter among other things. Then it’s pets that is on the timeless isle and how they sell, connected realms, and the future of professions. And here is the link to the episode 30 page.

Show #38: Beef VS. 5.4


BEEF IS BACK! And here is what we are talking about (it’s all about gold): lots of pets & profession changes in 5.4. If you want, please donate to help Beef with his mom’s final expenses at the bottom of the home page. I am sorry about the audio, it is a glitch in my PC. I will work on it this week .

R.I.P. Beef’s Mom

We are sorry to report that Beefinatorr’s mom passed away yesterday at 4pm mdt. here is the post we saw on facebook:

Mom passed away yesterday at 4pm, in her room she went to sleep and didn’t wake up, we were watching tv. She was the most amazing person I have ever known and my best friend. Rest in peace mom

We wish you nothing but peace in this trying time my friend. As always our thought’s and prayers are with you and your family. You can e-mail him at