Show #37 Healing the Market


It’s just me and Havah again this week. Beef’s mom is back in the hospital again (i think) so please send him you best wishes at As to what we talk about this week: it’s about healing, character model’s, and hearthstone giveaways. for the classroom we talk about the Cinder Kitten, budgeting your gold, what I (kero) will do next week at sunsong ranch, JC’s, and haunting spirits. I do also apologize for the ending. I hope you can look past that and enjoy the show.

Show #36 You Hungry? It’s Familiar!


Well we are here and looking to make some food. OK maybe not but we do talk about how the new food ingredients and stuff on enchanting. Plus Havah is getting ready to expand her pet broadcasting universe. You can see that at We also talk about some of the PWG talk between Jim Younkin and Marco Koegler (link to transcript here) and some about enchantings ups and (not so much) downs for 5.4. By the way, If you have (or want) WoW TCG pets well you will just have to listen to the podcast. we will also tell you how to gear up as well in 5.4. So have fun and listen while playing (if you so choose).

Show#35 Hearthstone Gold


We are getting closer to 5.4 and it shows. Me and Havah talk about Hearthstone and the Blizzard Desktop beta, two different videos (siege of Orgrimmar and Shaohao), Barren talk, and a possible name for the new expansion. Also we talk about the Gold market in the way of mats for 5.4. Go and collect while you listen.

Show 34: Connected Upgrades to Battle Pets


Hey everybody, it’s me and havah again this week during the balloon fest in my area. But anyway, in this podcast we talk about the costume contest, the 1000 pet limit, Sweden taxes, the new virtual realm name, and wow insider hires. Also how to get pet battle stones, what happens to prices when blizzard floods the market, and TSM 2.0 (video here). We hope you enjoy.

Show #33 Feed Your Pets


It was tribute time for the AIE guild this weekaie1.jpg largeaie2.jpg large. These are great shots taken by lady havah. It is a Memorial Day thing. link to the video is here too. But now Beef is back in game but not on the podcast due to his mom being back in the hospital.

Blizz went to gamecom to show off hearthstone and they think that Titan will be free to play. I was in PTR as well to check out the in-game store.

Like Pandora online radio or app? Blizz put music on the Video Game Music Station. and there is a contest for Blizzcon tickets.

There will be a new pet as well as clothes for them. For gold it is still prep time for 5.4. So make some food, Glyphs, and Gear for the auction House buyers. But wait for the patch first. We shall see you inside.