show#24 Epic Battles, Mistakes, and Mistakes


Well there is still no Beefinatorr (we all hope that his family is doing well). But it is me and Lady Havah talking about Dragons (both in game and at the blizz store). Also see how Lady havah got kicked out of the game and how she got back in. Also what could be coming in the next patch. Plus how can you take down the Beasts of Fable and what some people did in the AH (some were mistakes). Speaking of mistakes, check the end of the show. I made a mistake myself. It just goes to show what kind of a day we had. ;P

Show#23 (Not 22) (Yeah, Yeah) A Mistake


It’s just Kero and Lady Havah on this weeks show. We talk about 5.3 and what happened in game and where some of the pets are found, how much you should sell them for, and other 5.3 changes PVE wise. We also talk about the blog post that kero wrote last Sunday. Is kero wright or wrong and is it Crafting or raids (or both)? It is up to you to decide.

The Thought That Was Left Out of Last Weeks Show

Well I saw WoW’s Facebook message on Friday. But all week long i was thinking that the patch wold be a good opportunity too make gold. Keep in mind that on Tuesday ore, bars and herb prices will drop in some cases (Ghost Iron and Kyparite and all herbs except for Golden Lotus). So put those things in if is not too late, That is IF you want to make Gold via materials.

But, like I said, I had a thought. If you have CRAFTING professions Then NOW will be the time to make gear so that when the patch hits there will be a good chance to make gold. This is why: this will be a story line patch not a raid patch. And with people Leveling toons because of the xp nerf. So people will be looking to get gear for those toons. Now i know that most toons are 384 geared but that might still be worth a shot. But i am more talking about the 476+ gear I.E. blacksmiths reborn weapons (among others like tailoring and such) the demand for that type of gear should go up along with enchants and some gems. Be sure to check your market to see what is the best path for you to take. Although I think that enchanters will still make the most Gold.

On a different note, Havah has joined the show which means that changes will be coming to the podcast and the header to the website picture. I am hoping that will come this week but I am not sure. So if it does not come this week, please be patient. The changes WILL come.

We will talk to you after the patch next week. So until then, GO GET YOUR GOLD ON! BECAUSE YOU KNOW THAT GOLD LOOKS GOOD ON YOU!!!!!


Show#22 Pets, Stars, and the BMAH


Well we are together again and this time it is a threesome. Havah is now the 3rd host on the podcast. So now we will talk about Pets more often in this episode along with who else plays the game (click here for the list). Tank time with Beefinatorr is now done and so is TSM but we do talk about the Black Market Auction House and how to check it when you are out of the game. Plus it is Havah’s top 10 pets/abilities!! That is a can’t miss right there. And we rate TSM. Who does not like it and who does. You will find out when you click play.

Show #21 Kero, Beef and the Pet Lady


Lady Havah joins the podcast to tells us about pet battles and how they (pets) sell on the AH. we also talk about pet spectating, the calender to get fixed, and profession changes in 5.3 (so don’t skip to far ahead, you might miss it). Beef is in part 2 in dk tanking and so is Kero in TSM. If you learn pet battles and if you want us to keep her for more episodes let us know. You can see what we say inside.

Show #20 It’s SUPER TSM!?!


So there is a new battle ground but pvper’s might be mad but leveling shield wearers might be happy. And who else plays WoW: Maybe a man with an “S” on his chest ( wonder if Luthor does too). Plus a calender update, and art in a soggy town. But we also talk about JewelCrafting and other professions (for a sec or 2) and TSM part 1. Speaking of Part 1 It is Beefinator’s Tutorial on Blood Tanking. So get ready for the ride, just press play to enter.