show#15 Kero’s BIG Brain Fart


So it was Beef vs. Oondasta and me (Kero) vs. my brain (lol). In this episode we talk about 5.3, what happened to raids, Ghost Iron (again?), and (of course) Blizzards new game: Hearthstone along with other stuff. Plus, contrary to reports, the world is NOT coming to an end. And a new mount (it looks good i think). So enjoy and try not drinking anything because you just might spit it out laughing at the end of the podcast.

Show #14 Cross realm, Cross realm, Cross WHAT?!?


A note from Epic podcast click the name to enter or get more info to help Child’s Play and let them know that we referred you. Also we talk about No more dungeons in Panderia, cross realm help, and cross realm AH? You have got to be kidding me right? Anyway, if that happens we will be ready one way or the other. That and other stuff as well so go check out the show and tell us what you think.

Show #12 Ghost Iron, Professions, and Sunsong Ranch Updates


So, let’s see who is hiring? It’s MMO Champion and Curse. If you want to learn more just click the links. Also Blizz heads east (It is good to “get out of the house” every once and a while). Also Beef talks about what to do if you have addons after the patch hits. And we also talk about what ghost iron did in the market along with the professions that were changed. and more love now for sunsong ranch. Thanks for listening.

5.2 IS HERE!

Well it looks like we made to 5.2. If you did not get your Ghost Iron ore or the bars by either farming and smelting (or by buying them from the Auction House) then you will have to do so soon. If you don’t then you might miss the boat. Like i said in the podcast last week: I expect the prices to go up by tomorrow IF they are not already up to 5.0 levels. It will be very interesting to see how long these prices will stay up. In some realms i suspect that they will be up for a day, in others a week, and in others a few weeks. This will be by demand only.

It will be done by Blacksmiths only. I think it will be done by level 85-90 characters. That SHOULD have a small impact on the lesser mats for Blacksmithing for people that are leveling their characters at the same time. But if the prices do drop on those mats, then it may be a good idea to flip those prices too. Do that at your own risk, however, if you feel that it is worth it.

Both me (KeroseneKid) and Beefinatorr will review this on the podcast this week. We will see you then. Good luck in 5.2! And don’t forget to: GET YOUR GOLD ON!