Show 197: Take 3


Hey all! 7.2 comes in this week! That is why Vonblah joins Joe and Shinn for some wow gold talk. Here is what we talk about: Luxury mounts: Engineering[Program] Profession/Crafting & auctioning tool/webapp (site) (be careful) and Suggestion: Blood Vendor.

We also talk about Price Changes for Certain WoW EU Services on April 5 and Patch 7.2 releases March 28


One thought on “Show 197: Take 3

  1. Greetings,

    Thank you for the feedback, I am the one who created the webapp. There also is a reddit post on woweconomy for it

    I thought I’d comment on your concern regarding the TSM API key. The webapp stores everything on your computer, and your API key is only used in communication with 🙂 Your character name is only used on your computer if you input that; it’s optional, but needed for the “my auctions” part of the app.

    If you wish to verify this, you can open the developer window in chrome (ctrl + shift + c in Linux and Windows cmd + shift + c in macOS) and go to network. There you can see anything that is sent between the internet and your computer. If you want to see what’s saved on your computer, you can go to the “Applications” tab in the developer console. And as Vonblah said in the podcast, the source code is available on Github 🙂 Sorry about the tiny wall of text.

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