Show#18 The Auction House Addons We Use


Beef is back with the show. His mom is OK now but how is Beef? We talk about more 5.3 stuff and the valor you could get from scenario’s. Along with how enchanters can make some gold instead of spending it. And what Auction House Addons do you use? We tell you what we use and rank the ones we have covered in previous episodes and why we use them. You can check that out in the podcast. See you inside so you can GET YOUR GOLD ON!

2 thoughts on “Show#18 The Auction House Addons We Use

  1. Hey Guys, Really happy is everything is ok with Mom. Awesome !
    Now on to video game talk!!!!

    About Auctioneer vs Auctionator vs LiteAuction, you know who wins..

    TradeSkillMaster is the greatest addon by far, Trust me on this one.

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