Show #17 Beef is not in


Well Beef’s mom is sick so he is with her and that makes me all alone. That makes this podcast a short one. But I get to talk about Blizzcon (they are selling tickets soon). Curse has the cards on there website wiki for the hearthstone game. Auctionator is described and i reconsider my stance on learning all professions on one toon. I will see you next week.

2 thoughts on “Show #17 Beef is not in

  1. I hope everything goes well with his mom.
    Parents are so important.
    I miss mine every day.
    God Bless You and Your family.

  2. Thanx bro, she is home now after a week in the hopsital, she seems to be doign well, she has chf= conjestive heartfailure, so eventually it will take her out , but for now i enjoy every moment i have with her and charrish it! Sorry, your mom is gone 🙁

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