Show 162: No Haters


Hi guys. It is Joe, Deadgreed & special quest Phat Lewts on the show this week.

Here we talk about what Phat Lewts has been up too along with what will be going on with Legion. we also talk about a message from Cuddles & Lovely Charm Farming Draenor for Love is in the Air Event 2016.

We also talk about: Water Striders, Paragon Raid team, Watch Heroes Esports and Earn Two New Portraits, Heroes of the Storm, and Overwatch.



2 thoughts on “Show 162: No Haters

  1. I really enjoy your programs, this is a very unique blog, catering to a select few. Thanks to your videos on TSM, farming tips/tricks and other gold making tidbits, I finally hit gold cap on my main. Thanks for your time putting this site together and maintaining it – more people than you know appreciate it.


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