show#16 You and me in a (yellow) submarine?


Hi all. Sorry that i messed up the show number. But anyway we are still talking about 5.3 and will Hellscream die? If so, who will lead the Horde? And a new achievement that will grant a mount (a sub? A TARIDACTILE?) What do you guys think about profession rumors? I talk about that in the podcast as well. We shall see you inside the 57min podcast. Now i think it is time to press play.

2 thoughts on “show#16 You and me in a (yellow) submarine?

  1. I think its a good thing to learn every profession.
    Because people are lazy and raiders don’t have time or patience to learn every profession.
    I would love to have a main who knew every profession.
    Trust me there would be more oppourtunities to make gold, getting mats for others to level.

    • In some realms maybe. But i doubt that for all realms. I just think it is an overall bad idea. But i could be wrong. Nobody is perfect.

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