show#15 Kero’s BIG Brain Fart


So it was Beef vs. Oondasta and me (Kero) vs. my brain (lol). In this episode we talk about 5.3, what happened to raids, Ghost Iron (again?), and (of course) Blizzards new game: Hearthstone along with other stuff. Plus, contrary to reports, the world is NOT coming to an end. And a new mount (it looks good i think). So enjoy and try not drinking anything because you just might spit it out laughing at the end of the podcast.

2 thoughts on “show#15 Kero’s BIG Brain Fart

  1. Hi, Hey Big fan of your podcasts. Keep them coming!
    You guys should do a mid week mass email to your fans.
    Even if they are few now.

    I have never ever tanked as a death knight. Where would I start? You guys sound like its so much fun. I only have Pally tank, with avg ilvl 421. I use Noxxic. Is that the best ?

    • Hi, this is Kero. Beef said that he wants to talk about DK tanking over next few shows. Noxxic is good. dk’s are the best tanks.

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